Rainbow International Placement Services, formerly known as Rainbow South Africa Au Pair Agency was born out of a desire to ensure that all young people in South Africa, regardless of background and circumstance would have the opportunity of a gap year in Europe or Asia,
we are passionate about the education of all South Africans and exposing them to the world is one of ensuring that they are educated about it.


We have since grown into a fully-fledged international placement agency,
specializing in au pair and cultural exchange programs as well as job placements in Asia and Europe for highly skilled individuals.


In keeping to our commitment to make the opportunities we offer accessible and to provide the au pair experience at an affordable price, our office in South Africa is in the heart of Evaton, we also have partner agents throughout the world, allowing us to make many placements overseas.

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What does it mean to be an “Au-pair” ?

An Au-pair is a young person between 18 and 25 years of age for placement in Germany and 18 and 29 for placement to France, who has a working relationship with a host family.

This relationship should benefit both sides - the Au-pair and the host family. The Au-pair from helps the host family with childcare and light cleaning and in exchange the host family provides a home for the Au-pair.

Big advantages are:
  • Au-pair has a place to stay while living abroad
  • Food is provided
  • Au-pair regularly receives an established amount of pocket money
  • -An Au-pair is able to improve her foreign language skills while living abroad and helping the host family for a limited number of hours per week to ensure plenty of free time. The Au-pair is treated respectfully “as a member of the family.”

Please download our Conditions of Placement Here.

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